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I love this picture of Dunkery Beacon by James Lindsay.  On a clear day - you can see forever (well Wales and all of Exmoor)

A Knapp House Wedding

27 February 2024
The walled kitchen garden - the perfect place to forage

Why not "retreat" to us in 2022

31 October 2021
the fun of choosing paints, papers and fabrics

A lockdown list goes a long way

16 March 2021
Veggie garden

Leave No Trace - Come and learn with us in 2021

16 August 2020
Knapp House Rhododendrons

Life in the time of Covid

22 May 2020
Apples from the Knapp House in Devon orchard

Autumn - time to start thinking about Spring

4 November 2019
A Barle river kingfisher captured in linocut at Knapp House creative Luna North course

Art on Exmoor - linocut with Luna North

14 October 2019
It's a dog's life on Exmoor

Exmoor - designed for dogs

27 June 2019
Heddons Mouth in North Devon

James Lindsay Photography

27 June 2019